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    So Sorry(feat B.G.A).mp3

I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry yeah
Man I'm so sorry

No more pretending I'm penetrating through plug emotions,I been meaning to say this×2

Every minute is a risk i say,I always preach never stop. And I'm still searching for this love, I hope I find it in your hearts.
I'm sorry that I had to cross you.
I'm sorry that I had to leave you.×2

1stverse (MrStevBad)
Homey,just believe me when I tell you that I'm sorry.
Homey,just believe me when I tell you this my story.
I had to find the way, I had to ease my pain.
wake up every morning just
to dry my eyes. I put my smile on , keep my head high
You can get it you can loose it learn to never give up.
I got my ups.
And I got my downs.
But I love my ups, way too high, roll it up, blow it up.( blow it up)
I smoke a lot these days yeah(I smoke a lot these days)
I weep a lot these days yeah( man I weep a lot these days yeah)
Lord I pray that I make it.

2ndverse B.G.A
Bux, check it,
Too many problems of heard, feels like my soul is heavy.
So please forgive me,the hardest thing was to give up on you.
I'm on my knees, hoping, Heaven could hear my cries.
Face full of tears nobody understands how I'm feeling,
I'm so sorry, is time I live my life.
Too many demons were Angel faces, they tryna fool me.
But I got faith in my heart so nothing breaks me down.
with every breath I take, trust me I'm great full. Momma you did it, you can smile you raised a man Baby.
African Queen with God's grace I'm pleased to have you.
that's unbelievable travel crazy when I'm on verses.
Music my path, follow spiritual realm baby. Bux uhhh.

outro (MrStevBad)

I need a moment, on my own
I see these faces, man I don't trust.
I have friends, they pretend that they love me.
I've got Family I know they love me, I see they trying
I'm so sorry sorry. Hmmmhh