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K'mele ng'sukume ngihambe ngiyo phanda
K'mele ng'sukume ngihambe X2

                (verse 1)
I been a hustler since day one 
All of my niqqaz they roll one
Mamenemene they act wise
Promise lakimi uy' one
Ng'thanda wena futhi ngthemba wena
Eloquence squardish baleka
I'm taking ur fans,wena sbhakela
Your sneakers are cheap s'tlayela

                  (switch Fast)
I'm never scared,imma go and get it
I'mma pull up on you,then crack ya ass
Take ya chains,then burst ya window
I'm never scared,your chicken pocks
I just want da money,so fuck da rest
I was born and bred,this what I do
People hate cause I'm shining
Flying up like inkonjane
Bona bancane yinkonyan'
Futh abasindi I lift 'em
Up,up and I throw 'em away
They making noise like an empty tin
Tin,tin liyavuza kwedin'
Pho if L'vuza ng'dalen'?
I'm a humble man ngisecelen'
Watchin' MA life like a television
Them niqqaz are blind no vision
Skippin' steps like they bluffin'
Lying to us like a nation
Oh no I'm looking for money
Yes right man da dollar sign
MA English is dope like u emtee